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Ever since I got my hands on the church audio system at the age of 13, it has been a labor of love. I tried to get experience and learn anywhere I could. As a singer in school, I took charge of the choirs PA and took pride in making things work and sound great. I had no idea that it would be my career choice. “Sorry Frank Lloyd Wright, I guess I’m not going to be an architect after all”. Design, Music and Production are a means to convey a message, create a mood, and impact people in ways they never thought possible. Quality production never gets in the way of the message, but enhances its potential and influence. Let me put this passion to work for you to reach the maximum potential of your message.

Josh Hubble


              Faith Family Church:

                     Tech Producer 2018 – Current

              Vyvx Video Services:

                     Freelance Video Engineer/Encoding Tech 2012 – Current

                             2014/2015 Super Bowl

                             2015 Women’s World Cup

                             2018 World Cup

Faith Family Church:

Technical Director / Chief Audio Engineer  2007- 2012

Live PA & Monitor Mixing

Post Production Audio and Video Editing

Album Mixing/Editing/Mastering

Equipment Installation/Troubleshooting/Maintenance

Audio System Design and Installation

HD-SDI TV Renovation Design and Installation

Oral Roberts Evangelistic Association:

Assistant Audio Engineer                          1998-2000

Audio Engineer                                          2000-2007

Live PA & Monitor Mixing

Broadcast Music, Interviews, and Stand-Ups

Multitrack Recording/Editing/Mixing

Audio, Video and Lighting Equipment Installation/Troubleshooting/Maintenance

System Design